Saving money

Copy: Regular saving money equal nice holiday.

Poppy head

Copy: More poppy heads, more drugs:) (Meaning like medicaments)

School bags

Copy: Wise decision of wise parents. School bags protect your children during a traffic after dark.

Palm Lecitin

Copy: Preparation for stronger organism


Copy: Content of bag + water and we'll fry pancakes.

Summer fruit

Copy: Fruit of summer - remedies for your health

Luncheon meat

Copy: Fast food - luncheon meat

Toilet soaps

Copy: Toilet soaps, freshness, aroma, cleanliness. Regular personal hygiene is principle of modern man, who wants to be fresh and vital in each environment.

Cuban grapefruits

Copy: Cuban grapefruits, full of juice, full of health - from "Vegetable" stores.

Mineral waters

Copy: Drink mineral waters, they are healthy, refreshing and cheap.

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